The family and expert rating represent the general experience that you will have on the slopes. But this information is also base on real report as show below.

We use over 46,000 ski report to create the logic of our program and bringing the forecast as close it’s possible to the ski resort reality.


A++  Ideal conditions made of powder snow covering a soft base; very easy

A+    Almost perfect conditions with powder snow

A      Excellent snow conditions with powder snow or fine granular snow; smooth finish on soft base

B+    Very good conditions usually made of groomed surface on hard base

B      Good general conditions; some hard or icy areas

C+    Average conditions, many hardened or icy areas

C     Conditions fair with many icy areas; difficult conditions

D+    Poor conditions; difficult to ski

D     Bad snow conditions; very difficult to ski

F     Closed resort

this is a ski condition report
Ski report RSA